Monday, August 23, 2010

UK Going Mobile OnDemand

Figures released by UK industry watchdog Ofcom reveal in its report, Communications Market 2010, that a staggering 23% of the UK perform their online activities from a mobile device. They also claim that social networking is the most popular online activity and is increasingly going mobile in its use.

So as browsers in smartphones improve and tablets start to be accepted as the new device we now enter into a new phase of technology where we are continually connected 24x7 not just via the phone and email but socially and have whatever media on demand.

The question is how we balance our working needs and our private needs and whether social chat overtakes email and much more. Books may appear sexy today as ebooks but they are increasingly going to have to compete with much more media on the move. We assume that a book is a good read whilst commuting on a train but can it compete with video, TV, gaming and music on demand on the move?

Finally, how long before we ditch the mobile and get chipped? Where it takes the time to download to ‘read ‘ the book, where we interact in true real time with no keyboard or touch screen but move to the world of Pranav Mistry?

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