Saturday, August 07, 2010

Send the Light – On Demand

The Christian publishing market is huge and global and STL Distribution North America (STLD) has been core to its supply with its consolidation and distribution service and operations around the world.

Now they have stepped up their service to integrate a full onsite print on demand service involving Dickinson Press and technology firm Snowfall Press. Rom a dedicated STLD facility at its distribution centre Dickinson Press will manage the process with Snowfall Press providing the integration of the system to enable the automated uploading of files through to printing, binding and shipping. The service is planned to go live early 2011 and provide STLD client resellers access to thousands of titles and shipment the same day.

STLD President Glenn Bailey said "The alliance enables us to provide same day turn-around of orders--even for out-of-print books--and will give authors and publishers access to a broader range of distribution channels than were previously available."
Print on demand is not new, nor is it new to the Christian market, but STLD’s global reach and operating units outside the US clearly now start to have the opportunity to participate and the potential to make this offer far wider reaching than just the US.

This would not only reduce global inventory and shipment costs dramatically but obviously increasing availability and service to all globally.

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