Saturday, August 21, 2010

eReader From The Drugstore

This week we were asked why the bookstores were being effectively bypassed digitally and what we thought about slumbering giants like Sony. One of our answers was that we thought that ebook readers need to be sold in electrical stores, supermarkets and be available through stores in general. If they remain for sale over the Internet and through chains and a few stores then the result is obvious and is clearly happening today.

Step up US drugstore CVS who is getting its very own $100 smartbook and $180 e-reader. The devices aren’t the best of technology but are available from what is your neighbourhood drugstore. The Sylvania netbook runs on Windows CE and the LookBook e-reader has a 7”, 512MB of storage space, a full keyboard and will have access to Kobo's e-book store, but doesn’t have eInk but a colour LCD screen. It is pre loaded with the usual 150 free ebooks. So CVS may be tempted to throw one in their basket along with the toiletries and medicine.

We think this particular offer is not realistically priced to walk off the shelf just yet.

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