Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cutting the Cost of Textbooks

The New York Times introduced us today to yet another iPhone app which may well prove very popular with many US students. At a time when students are preparing to resume classes that app offers them a price comparison on all those textbooks that the need but don’t want to buy. Bigwords claim average savings of 66% on new books and over 35% over buying online without its search engine.

The Bigwords iPhone App is free and sifts out the best deals based on buying new, used or digital, or just renting. The app collects the details of all the books the student needs and then searches against some 30 sources and identifies the best deal, factoring in shipping costs and discounts etc. The purchase can be then completed through the app or on the student can email their selection and complete the purchase on a PC via a link in an e-mail sent by the app.

We like their app strap line, 'keep it in your pants.'

The offer will certainly will appeal to many students who will have the iPhone but not necessarily the money for the book.

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