Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Spotify March Onwards and Upwards

Many who read this blog may be fed up with us reporting on Spotify but when news is so good and potentially offers so much we are not embarrassed to back winners.

While we all wait for those Apple app censors to approve the music streaming app we discussed a few days ago the Spotify team are rumoured to have raised €15.3m from Northzone Venture Partners at a monster €71.6m pre-money valuation. The service is still in a private beta yet is storming both the investment and music market.

Today comes further news that UK network 3 Mobile is currently in talks with Spotify, to put the music service on its handsets. 3 were the same people to offer free skype calls and Spoyify could be an interesting competitive offer, especially if the Apple police turn the app down.

It is understood that there are options to pre-loading Spotify on new handsets, as making it downloadable.
Well done O2 and Spotify for going where others may fear to tread.

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