Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Argos Goes COOL-ER

To buy an ebook reader today tends to be through a bookretailer, over the internet and is often linked to someone who can also sell the content. Interead the maker of the COOL-ER ereader, have announced that it has partnered with Argos, a leading UK catalogue and online retailer of consumer products, to sell COOL-ER ereaders. Argos has some 700 stores, a turnover of £4.3bn,claims 130 million customers and catalogues some 17 million UK households. The Argos COOL-ER will be available in hot pink, black and silver.

The distribution partnership effective starts to shift ebook readers into the consumer product market and alongside the myriad of other electrical devices. Obviously this should lead to volume sales of the units and promotes COOL-ER's companion online bookstore,

The interesting question is how the Argos demographic will react and whether it is the right book buying demographic today. There is also the question of whether the consumer will associate ebook readers with Argos and other consumer devices, or find it through internet comparison and search, or whether it can be an impulse buy from the Argos catalogue?

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