Friday, August 07, 2009

Another $199 eBook Pretty in Pink

One a Sony new cheap ebook reader and the same week a competitive ‘lookie likie’ eink reader matches it head on, both on price and secondly by using Adobe’s ASC4 Digital Rights Management (DRM). ACS4 is the only DRM that supports encrypted Adobe eBooks in PDF format and epub files.

Astak has installed the Adobe Digital Editions firmware on their 5-inch and 6-inch devices. Like its 6” big brother the EZ Reader, the new Pocket PRO also supports more than 20 DRM-free formats. New 5” display supports 8-level greyscale and weights 6 ounces. It has some 512MB of memory, plus a SD card slot for additional storage capacity up to 16GB and can play MP3 music files while users read eBooks.

The 5-inch Pocket PRO reader will sell at a promotional price of $199.

We couldn’t download pictures from their site but you can log on and see a Flash image in the various available colours. We liked the shocking pink – very lady like!

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