Saturday, November 20, 2010

Do You Enjoy Social Coupons?

Yahoo must be kicking themselves for not buying Facebook but in the hairy hit and miss online market you win some and you loose some. Google bought YouTube which may have been a bumpy ride but is holding itself well whilst News Corp bought MySpace and it subsequently lost its way.

The next group of companies which are attracting attention are the online social coupon sites. In the US Groupon ,one year from launch are experiencing stellar growth are profitable and have some 270 employees.

Groupon features a daily deal with a huge discounts on a wide range of products and services which are focused on tens of U.S. cities targeting ‘members’ through email or via social networking and uses collective buying power to get low prices and push customers to local businesses. Groupon sells coupons to the consumers and collects a lead generation fee for the sale from the businesses it sends customers to.

A similar app can be found on the iPhone. Vouchure cloud is now starting to gain traction in the UK and digital vouchers are certainly looking a winner for both consumers and businesses.

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