Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Kindle Goes Waterproof

There will always be cool accessories for gadgets. Some will be useful and beg the question why they weren’t done in the first place, others mere bling for those who have everything. Summer is now upon us and those ‘summer must haves’ that we buy and use for a couple of weeks and forget are clearly here.

M-Edge have launched The Guardian, a water-proof case for Amazon's Kindle ereader. It even comes in different colours. It’s not for sports divers to read under water, nor is it positioned to protect the device when reading in the bath. It is however marketed at all those pool owners who want to read and lazy by their pools. No more paperbacks with water curled pages and water stains. You can now float on our lilo in the pool and read all the best sellers.

The Guardian is a transparent polycarbonate casing that is designed to fit the Amazon’s Kindle ereader and is waterproof to a depth of one meter but if you drop it don’t worry as its also designed to float on the surface. There is a big question whether it only floats on still water and then there is the bigger question of what is the definition of ‘still’. However it does float - albeit only in certain conditions. This floating feature enables you to read hands-free, but again would you seriously let go of the device if the next minute it could be dive bombed and its ‘still water’ capabilities tested? There is also an anti-reflective film to cut back on sun glare and to protect the screen, which we thought was the benefit of eInk. Finally, just in case you fall asleep, there is a lanyard ring for securing the Kindle.

No mention of the sea, which is probably not 'still', sand which we all know get everywhere nor and whether the Guardian can ‘cook the books' in the sun.

Irrespective of what we think it will appeal to some and provide a certain cache at the poolside. The M-Edge Guardian case is available in black, red, and blue for $79.99.

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Unknown said...

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