Sunday, June 06, 2010

Want A True Media Playing Tablet?

We are going to see many tablets to compete with the iPad and many appear to be coming on the Android platform today. So Google is going head to head with Apple on the operation system, bookstore, video codec approach and mobile platform.

The Korean Viliv X10 prototype offers some interesting features and clearly demonstrates the level of competition coming. It will have Android 2.2 at launch, which means Flash support. Its 10” 1366x768 capacitive touch screen offers a higher aspect ratio than the iPad’s 1024 x 768 and this could mean a lot to video and games users. The X10 also has a camera, 16 or 32GB of internal flash memory , ARM processor, which is 1080p HD capable, SD card reader, WiFi, HDMI and USB ports. Battery life is claimed to match the iPad’s 10 hours.

Viliv claim that the X10 will be able to playback 1080p video which is again better than the iPad.Interestingly the Viliv X10 can also run on Windows 7, which gives it a further option and pitches in Microsoft support.

So we don’t know the price yet but the tablet certainly is capable of setting the technical and features benchmark, but can it compete with the Apple marketing machine? The one thing that is certain is that the manufacturers aren’t going to give Apple a free run and there will be some serious contenders who all will chip away at those missing elements on the iPad.

The X10 clearly throws down the media player gauntlet but is it enough?

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