Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Selling Your House Via Google Maps

So you select an area you would like to live in on Google maps. You can look at street level, review where all the local schools, doctors, shops, restaurants are. You can take an ariel view and look at the landscape from the sky. Now you can even look at what properties are available in the area and probably zoom in to take an even closer view. When you find what you want you click to the agent and see the details and maybe even have a virtual tour. You may also like to see local planning consents and email the details to your partner. All this and more can now be achieved without to leave your laptop or mobile app, or even making a phone call!

Today’s Guardian reports that Google UK has launched a new feature of Google Maps with new house-hunting services. Today they have decided to work with real estate agents Countrywide, Zoopla and Trinity Mirror. This new service will allow both buyers and renters to search location and further qualify by specifics such as price, type and numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms. It is an obvious extension for Google services and one that must be a no-brainer for every agent and everyone wanting to sell or let a house.

Google will today make money from running ads above and below search results with estate agents and online property companies not being charged to be partners. However, the interesting question is whether in this new world the agent becomes stronger, or Google effectively cuts them out, or takes a further cut. Remember when Google said it wasn’t going to be a bookseller?

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