Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Predicting Endangered Gadgets

What do you believe will be the top ten ‘endangered gadgets’ that will need luck to survive the end of 2010?

Pixmania, the largest electronics retailer in Europe, has compiled a list of their top ten:

1. DVD players we think this a safe bet not so much threatened by Blu-ray as much as streaming services and access to video via PCs and other devices.
2. Fax machine we thought that had already long gone and was now sitting beside the telex
3. Analogue TV this isn’t even a fair bet as the government has effectively culled them
4. The landline phone we disagree with this as it assumes WiFi will take over land line broadband and it will not and when the phone is thrown in why reject it. Also there isn’t a mobile telephone directory so sorry we don’t agree here
5. Mobile phone charger. Well there may only be one that works on all devices but these aren’t quite dead yet
6. Wii-mote. Not being a Wii man its hard to judge this but the emergence of Microsoft's Project Natal which senses motions and tracks the gamer's movements, without the need for a control stick or wand could be the next novelty in this marketspace.
7. Sat Navs Smartphones versus Sat Nav? A bit simple so certainly looking in need of help to survive.
8. Dongle. The wiFi dongle will die as manufacturres build the function within the box. I’ll miss the stick but not the charges.
9. The computer mouse For the average Joe it already has disappeared and been replaced by the pad and ever increasingly popular touchscreen. Voice recognition will emerge once more and could and dominate but irrespective the mouse could still be around to support specialist who need precision or desktops and pad that need a mate
10. Chip and pin credit cards. This one contused us as these aren’t going anywhere in a hurry so sorry disagree here.

So what would our list be?
1. DVD players
2. Fax machines
3. Sat Navs
4. Dongles
5. 1st generation eBook greyscale only eInk readers. Sorry but black and white is only fit for retro nights and isn't going to switch on consumers once they see colour
6. The LG digital watch phone. Great novelty but just that
7. CD Players. Why have a player when it comes with every Netbook, notebook, laptop and streaming and digital is growing. 'click to get' more than 'download to but'
8. Dedicated Radios apart from the windup radio on the allotment why have more clutter
9. Non Flat Monitors desk top furniture such as this will be confined to old movies
10. Palm Pre Too many players and some has to go and we don't see them making the cut but there may be others too who are big today.

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