Monday, November 02, 2009

We get confused when we type in and and discover two different Australia companies both selling ebooks. Must be something down under but clearly confusing. Why may you ask did we look at as we were vary familiar with and wouldn’t have noticed the ‘s’ difference. The answer is we spotted an 80% discount offer that we wanted to find out more about. 80% of list is somewhat a bargain and explains why trade publishers are moving more towards net receipt royalties.

The offer is a ‘eBook Happy Hour’ that will be available for just 60 minutes from 8pm to 9pm in USA, UK and Australia to the first 500 eBook Club members. We read on and realise that we had missed the USA offer as it happened last week on the 28th 8pm till 9pm eastern. Apparently you could have Michael Connelly’s ‘Nine Dragons’ for just $5. We also missed the Australia offer which happened on the 29th and the UK on the 28th, which at $5 or £3 a book could have been very cheap indeed.

Interestingly unlike, (confusing isn’t it) use their own file format and reader but do sell cheap books during happy hours.

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