Sunday, November 01, 2009

eInk at 200MPH and Clearly Round the Bend?

When we see the current eInk eBook readers being brought to market we wonder how many the market can absorb and how many will loose their shirt in the process?

We have had eInk watches so thought what's next?

We then found a great article at showing us a pliable e-reader, designed by the tire maker Bridgestone. The prototype is just 5.8 mm thick and features has a 10.7” touchscreen but is likely to remain a prototype as they have no plans to bring it to market. So as the Fomula 1 circus comes to the end of the season its obvious the guys at Bridgestone had some slack time so they knocked up a cute ereader. They even have a 13.1” screen in development and probably designed to be built into some formula 1 car very soon.

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jcraig said...

Very funny to hear Bridgestone made an Ebook reader...I guess I can no longer be surprised looking at the ebook reader matrix -