Monday, November 02, 2009

Mobiles, eBooks, Androids and Media

The Pulse Report from San Francisco-based analysts Flurry claims that in the last four months, book apps have exceeded the popularity of games apps on the iconic iPhone. One out of every five new apps launched in October was a book! Apple clearly have a potential media winner if they ever get a tablet to market and also they have the potential to do to books what they have done to games. Everyone said that the games needed dedicated devices and although these still dominate there is a clear segment that are happy with just one device.

Meanwhile the Androids are still coming and Motorola plans to get back in the race with its Android 2.0-based Droid handset, called the Milestone in the UK. There appears to be a number of differences with the UK version having HSDPA 3G and multi-touch technology. The there is the Sony Ericsson Rachael Android smartphone Xperia coming to the market. Take a look at the video and make your own mind up but it clearly looks a good multimedia Android handset?

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