Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Richard Charkin Author

Today Richard Charkin became an author. It wasn’t a novel, or travel and best restaurant guide, or even a book on 21st dress code, but a print on demand version of his infamous blog.

So blogs can become books!Well done Richard.

Pan Macmillan has published their former chief executive’s blog on his travels to every corner of the Macmillan empire, many views and observations on life and of course publishing.

It was a pity that the Charkin blog splash page didn't have a link to buy it, but it did have two Google place ads on it. One from iUniverse ‘Get Your Book Published’ and the other from, ‘Get your book published for £299’.

We only wonder if it has been published under a creative commons licence.

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Working Mum said...

Err, Martyn, there *is* a link to buy it! You didn't think Richard would pass up an opportunity to sell it, do you?