Friday, October 10, 2008

Walmart Listen and DRM

We told you about WalMart’s announcement 'WalMart Call Time on DRM' 29th September to close down its DRM music servers and the potential issues that it raised with having to back up files and future proofing your ability to play them.

Well today its ‘about turn day’. eGatget reports that the retailer, unlike the technology companies we quoted, has listened to its customers and reversed the decision. This doesn’t mean it was the wrong decision to move away from the draconian DRM mindset, but more an admission that it can’t do it and leave the customer high and dry.
This is an interesting issue as it sets a precedent that could give many a heart attack and clearly shows that there is a long term potential problem with DRM. It’s a bit like plastic water bottles, they seemed a good idea at the time but environmentally getting rid of them and the damage they cause may be more of an issue.
Well done Walmart for listening!

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