Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Australia Lifts Samsung Ban

An Australia court has overturned an earlier ban on the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy tab in the country. Apple had previously won an injunction against Samsung in Austrailia and Germany preventing sales of the Galaxy 10.1 tab, accusing of it copying its touch-screen technology and infringing its patents. Samsung has sought a ban on sales of Apple's iPhone 4S in Australia, Japan, France and Italy.

Today’s news means Samsung will no longer be restricted in Australia. However, they will not be able to start selling the tablet immediately as Justice Lindsay Foster granted a stay on the order until Friday, 2 December, which allows Apple time to appeal in the High Court.

The case is part of a long legal battle which we have previously reported and one which is focused on the two market leaders slugging it out bout in the courts and the shops for a bigger slice of the smartphones and tablet market.

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Martyn Daniels said...

The Australian ban was set to expire by 4 p.m (0500 GMT) on Friday but will now run until Dec 9 so the High Court can hear an Apple appeal against a court decision

Justice John Dyson Heydon said Federal Court ruling on Nov 30 "be stayed pending the termination of applicants application for special leave to appeal."