Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Games: People in the 2009 Digital News?

The answers to yesterday Quiz were:

1. Friday 13th
2. Larry Lessing
3. Jeff Bezos
4. Germany , their authors and publishers
5. Orphans
6. Richard Sarnoff, Random House
7. Books Rights Registry
8. Michael Healy
9. Judge Denny Chin
10. US Justice Department

Today's Questions are about People in digital 2009

1. Which UK Minister proposed setting up libraries to compete with Amazon?
2. Which US Governor proposed to turn textbooks digital?
3. Who came back to the helm of Apple after illness?
4. Who proclaimed the freecomomy to follow his long tail?
5. Who celebrated the 20th anniversary of his World Wide Web?
6. Who created a new search engine named after him ?
7. Who at 103 had a massive twitter following?
8. Who wrote the very successful keitai novel ‘ Deep Love’ was turned into a book, which sold 2.7 million copies?
9. Whose estate announced that 14 of his unpublished short stories were to be published as individual ebooks and then secondly as a printed collection?
10.Who conducts the two computer digital Fauxharmonic Orchestra?

Answers tomorrow along with more fun

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