Monday, December 07, 2009

Apple and Friends Enter Into The Christmas Spirit

On the twelfth day of Christmas Apple could have given you, no a single partridge, pear tree, leaping lord or gold ring but twelve tracks for free. One, for each and every day of Christmas.

We should not mock and deride Apple for showing their generosity and Christmas spirit. So for just your email address, you can now sign up to receive 12 free downloads over Christmas. The deal will run from December 26th, till January 6th (or the ‘12 days of Christmas’). Exactly what you get each day is up to Apple. It just like Christmas, you have little say in what you receive , but that’s the point isn’t it? Instead of an unwanted jumper, or a pair of woolly socks, you could get that band you hate most, or Lily Allen. However, the company claims that the list will be populated by “some of the biggest star performers on iTunes”, so Lily may not make the cut but there again The Ting Tings may!

Daily updates will be posted on the iTunes (UK) Facebook page and each download will be available for just 24 hours. The ‘friends ‘ who are sponsoring the event are; The Times, Capital FM, Heart Radio, Ticketmaster and O2.

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