Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Which Browser Do You Use?

We were brought up during the Netscape Microsoft browser wars and we thought that we seen the end of the browser battles. However it’s certainly getting warm again with Safari, Opera, Firefox and Chrome all cashing Internet Explorer.

In the UK you can’t help but notice those striking Chrome adverts on the billboards as Google build brand awareness.

Now we read news we can hardly believe that Firefox 3.5 is now the world's most popular web browser. Yes even bigger than Internet Explorer 7! According to analysts StatCounter, Mozilla's now has 21.93% of the global market. But then we have Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 also competing in the races and the combined the Microsoft's browser has a whopping 55.44% ( IE 8 20.33% , IE 7 21.2% and even IE 6 retains 13.89%).Chrome is now the third most popular browser.

Now the first mobile phone version of Firefox is about to be launched. Codenamed ‘Fennec’, it will initially be available for the Nokia's N900 phone, followed by other handsets.The organisation is also developing versions for Microsoft's Windows mobile and Google's Android operating system. This could enable apps to be ported easier between platforms and offer a standard representation on any device.

Apple's Safari for mobile, which comes bundled with the iPhone, is the second most popular, whilst Nokia's own browser is third.

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j purdie said...

I've been using Firefox for years, but only because there is a portable version. I have a U3 disk which I carry around and have personal settings for any computer I use right there on the disk. The average user probably wouldn't notice the difference between one browser and the next so it's all down to marketing I suppose.