Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Games: What Do You Know About the Google Settlement?

The answers to yesterday Quiz were:

1. Book
2. DRM
3. Eight
4. World
5. Textbooks
6. Rs
7. Sorry
8. Right
9. iPhone Apps

1. Which superstitious date in November became an in important one for the settlement?
2. Who described Google as a tiger cub which may look like a kitten but would grow up to be very different?
3. Who said, "That settlement needs to be revisited, and is being revisited....It doesn't seem right that you can get a prize for violating a large set of copyrights."?
4. Who lodged the Heidelberg Appeal?
5. What was works was the settlement about and got adopted without any say?
6. Who was a chief architect behind the settlement and was awarded ‘Publisher of the Year’ by PW?
7. What is the BRR ?
8. Who will run the BRR?
9. Who is the Judge?
10. Whose objection forced the settlement to be revisited?

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