Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Deal Is Not Sealed and We are Handing Out Accolades?

It a sad day when those who have sharply divided the community and tried to brow beat all into a solution that was clearly wanting and then returned with amendment that shifted little is rewarded by the media before the deal is approved. Bertelsmann's Richard Sarnoff, one of the key architects behind the Google Book Settlement has been recognized as Publisher’s Weekly’s ‘Publishing Person of the Year for 2009’ specifically for his work in splitting and confusing the global publishing community.

So now not only does the fox get to control the chicken hut, but the guard gets recognized for letting him in. What a weird world we live in. What happens if the deal is not approved, does he have to hand it back? We think it a bit premature to make awards based on a race that is still not complete.

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