Friday, May 01, 2009

It's a Man's World

Hachette Book Group USA has launched the "Urinal Test" iPhone app to help promote the "The Man's Book" by Thomas Fink. The lifestyle guide for the modern man includes information on how to choose the proper urinal.

According to online MediaPost News the publisher is experimenting with promoting the book, on a Web site, via Twitter, Facebook, the iPhone app and a YouTube video featuring Hachette Book Group Chairman and CEO David Young playing the "Urinal Test" game. We couldn’t wait and searched YouTube for the video and although we are assured by MediaPost the it only shows David approaching and leaving the men's room, we searched YouTube but couldn’t find it. We wanted to witness those tentative steps, the CEO’s decision making and of course his score!

We also wondered whether the iPhone app involved shaking the unit!

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