Monday, May 11, 2009

Android Comes to the Netbook

So what is so important about Computerworld reporting the Skytone Alpha 680?
First it’s an ARM-powered netbook that will be available in the next quarter, but more importantly it’s an Android based netbook. Although the price ticket of $250 disappoints some, the move of the Google Android platform onto netbooks could herald a new era both for Linux, the ARM chip and also the netbook.

We do not see the netbook as a laptop replacement but as a replacement for other devices such as ereaders. They offer connectivity and ease of use to ‘my world’ whilst on the move and the convergence of the two would appear inevitable. The key to the Android netbook will be getting the apps developed on the platform and Flash on the ARM chip to enable full video support and for it to be able to compete with the ATOM chip devices.

Below are two You Tube videos we found on Engadget who weren't too enthusiastic on the Skytone Alpha.

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