Friday, May 01, 2009

Android Moves

The G1 was the first Google Android phone to launch in the UK through T-Mobile and sales are reported to have exceeded their expectations with 100,000 UK sales in the first 6 months and in the US the G1 device has sold 1 million units. Android was designed by Google and a host of partners to make it easier to surf the web and carry out complex computing tasks on mobile devices.

During May, T-Mobile users will be able to update their G1 handsets with the latest Android 1.5 ‘Cupcake’ update. The ‘Cupcake’ software update offers G1 owners enables users to use the 3.2magapixel camera to film videos and upload them straight to YouTube. Photos can similarly be uploaded straight to a user's personal Picasa web album. There are new widgets for the calendar and the music player, new zoom functions on the G1’s camera, a speedier acquisition of GPS location and improvements to the email client and web browser. The update to the G1's Android platform includes an on-screen touch keyboard, giving users a choice of input methods.

Now Vodaphone have launch the new HTC Magic Adroid phone in the UK with no keyboard just a touchscreen. It comes with Gmail and Google Search support and a range of other bundled applications, widgets and access to the Android Market for further applications.

T-Mobile has also announced it will launch another Android phone later this year and Samsung has unveiled its first Android phone, the I7500, which is due to launch in June. So unlike Apple, Google have clearly spread their reach to use multiple manufacturers and carrier networks, whilst retaining the operating system and application marketplace.

At the end of the day its going to be down to the fickle consumer to choose or the killer application to seduce.

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