Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pole Dancing Class To Promote ‘Love Your Library Day’

If just to reinforce the lack of vision and strategy within the UK public library market, the Mayfield Library in Dalkieth, will on ‘Love Your Library Day on 2nd February, stage a free pole-dancing class for the over 16s. The objective is not to loan out 50 Shades of books, but in some warped idea, the Council believe it will persuade more people to use the service.

The obvious question is which service?

Well it seems the council have some other strange ideas. When it comes to promoting books, reading and libraries they intend to include "booky table tennis" on the day. Booky table tennis demonstrates their view on value of books, by  players use books instead of bats!

They do also plan to offer some other events such as Scottish country dancing, head massages, an Xbox challenge for both children and their parents, local singers and musicians and sessions for would-be authors on how to write a novel.

Joking apart, the lap dancing and ‘booky tennis’ demonstrate in themselves the clear lack of thinking and understanding that prevails today and the involvement of council officials, who some would suggest know no better. The day will be remembered more for the lap dancing than anything else and the perception that it will create is somewhat at odds to what Bob Constable, Midlothian Council's Cabinet member for public services and leisure, states ‘Love Your Library Day is a marvellous opportunity for us all to celebrate the hugely important role libraries play in the heart of our local community.’

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