Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Convert Blogs to eBooks Instantly

Do you want this blog as a downloadable ebook? Something you can read easier on your ereader or reading application without having to browse online? Sounds interesting and also is potentially full of all sorts of promise for the market. The great thing is that it is that it can now be created it literally in one click by eBook Glue.

Try this link: Brave New World

Shantanu Bala a student of Arizona State University has created eBook Glue which takes a URL or RSS feed and creates either a EPUB or MOBI file download and a unique URL you can share as we have done above. The service has only been live for a few weeks and today is free and although there are some obvious teething issues and limits. For example eBook Glue today only converts a blog’s ‘first page’ so although you may like ourselves have over 2,000 blogs you only get the last few weeks, you don’t see the top read blogs or have access to the index of blogs. It also shows us that our own post formatting can be improved and be more consistent! None the less it is quite impressive and Bala plans for it to work on all websites not just blogs.  

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