Saturday, December 22, 2012

2012 Quiz Answers

Earlier we set our 2012 Quiz
Well who got them right and gets A+ and who gets to stand in the corner with a pointed hat?

1.            Name the service launched to capture them young, lock in the parents and build on their Prime service? A: Amazon FreeTime
2.            Which two technology giants traded patent court victories around the world and dominated the mobile wars? A: Apple and Sumsung
3.            Which famous source of authoritative information stopped physical publication after 244 years and went digital? A: Encyclopaedia Britannica
4.            Who launch their online streaming service in the UK and achieved a million subscriptions in just seven months? A: Netflix
5.            Which technology giant and household name failed to react to the mobile and went into bankruptcy? A: Kodak
6.            What travel publisher was swallowed up by Google? A: Frommer
7.            Which bookseller said they couldn't digitally compete and potentially sold out their digital future and customers to Amazon? A: Waterstones
8.            What ebook challenge is ‘Powell’s Dilemma’ and who is it named after? A:Colin Powell
9.            Who created a Newco in forming a technology partnership? A: Microsoft and Barnes and Noble
10.         Who said that they were no longer going to sell Amazon Kindles within their chain of stores? A: Walmart
11.         Which self publisher and owner of iUniverse and  Xlibris was itself bought this year by a big 5 trade publisher? A: Author Solutions
12.         What is the estimated US and UK market shares of the proposed Random House and Penguin merger? A: 25% and 27%
13.         Which speaker service launched an Educational service based on putting the best teachers in front of kids to help teachers engage with them and make subjects interesting? A: TED Ed
14.         Which publishers settled with the DOJ over Agency and which decided to fight on? A: HarperCollins, Simon and Schuster, Hachette, and just Penguin and still out there Macmillan
15.         Who bought Instagram for $1billion? A: Facebook
16.         What company was being taken to court by Capitol Records in a move to stop them reselling digital music and was seen as the first case to challenge the lack of ‘First Sale Doctrine’ on digital files? A: ReDigi
17.         Which publisher made the entire ebook offer DRM free and also started to promote competitors titles alongside theirs? A: TOR
18.         Which start-up launched with a ebook model based on ‘as much as you can eat’ for a monthly subscription? A: Oyster
19.         Which publisher did Amazon buy in June? A:
20.          What do Amazon, Google, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and Starbucks all have in common and Google and Apple share elsewhere?  A: they all operate in Europe by exploiuting tax loopholes and cross border benefits, or put more plainly avoid paying fair tax

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