Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Is There a New eBook Club Model?

As ebooks diverge in many different directions we find that we are often still left with the same 'buy to own' business model. We have long argued for ebook rentals not just for libraries, but in general and believe that the market is ripe for a 'Netflix'or 'Spotify' for ebooks.

Ballantine books today have launched a new digital platform 'booquo' and claim a wide range of Castilian ebooks for their Spainish community. The service will be available via a Digital cloud based Library Club on monthly subscription. The cost is reported to be 9.90 euros per month and entitles "a monthly reading of digital books available" and the basic book club. Those who are already members of the book Club, will only pay a fee of 7.90 euros.

However our interest soon waned as we read the usual book club demands that you purchased a book every catalogue and thought what a wasted opportunity. When will the dying breed of book clubs that use the old ‘BCA’ tired and dated model learn?

Imagine, a ebook club which had hundreds of thousands of ebooks, which you could read free on a monthly subscription. If you wanted to buy the book you pay the rate card and it’s yours, if you just want to read it you could do so online. You could be restricted to a small number ‘free reads’ per month and if you wanted more you pay a higher subscription. The service could carry advertising and royalties would be based on loans and advert revenues. It could even be multi media and carry audio, films, music and games.

Some will say that we are dreaming, but I bet we aren’t the only ones.

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