Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nook Gives Christmas a Miss

Barnes and Noble has received many admirers for its latest Nook coloured reader. Imagine giving a brand new Nook to someone special for Christmas and then finding that they can’t use it!

The B&N server was down for the second Christmas in a row and the comments on twitter were not all very understanding.

The question of what the new Nook wants to be when it grows up remains? This new Android Nook e-reader looks more positioned to compete with the iPad than the Amazon’s Kindle e-reader and lands somewhat stranded in the middle not quite an iPad and neither a dedicated reader or supported by a reading platform such as the Kindle.

Barnes and Noble are clearly ahead of many of the other book chains in their digital journey but some may feel that they have a track record of digital gaffs which demonstrate just how far behind many bricks and mortar resellers are today.

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