Sunday, April 04, 2010

Radio Litopia Arrives

Litopia is a pioneer publishing online community run by author, agent and literary agent, Peter Cox. Its focus is publishing and writers and aims to help both the emerging and established writer. We have long supported Peter and his team and have contributed to the stimulating and often highly amusing ‘Litopia after Dark’ podcast. In fact last Friday we were on the panel discussing the Digital Economy Bill and with US lawyer and panellist Donna Ballman the emotive subject of agency pricing.

Litopia’s podcast is now being extended and creating Radio Litopia, offering exclusive online broadcasts for writers. Radio Litopia will cover continue to coverl a wide and diverse set of issues related to writing and the publishing industry. It can be listened to on your iPhone, smartphone. Laptop, netbook – on the move and is truly breaking ground that many others fail to see or understand.

Litopia’s community service to writers now supports Litopia Daily and online communication, Litopia After Dark and now Litopia Radio. It is different,it is topical and it is not afraid to discuss what writers want to discuss. The interesting approach is that Peter continues to push the boundaries and redefine community communication in a way many in publishing fail to grasp. Litopia is building a community that is more than a social network and one that escapes from that self publishing, vanity approach adopted by others. He isn’t after the slush pile and that is what confuses many. He isn’t trying to create a cosy book club or a book review show. He is just connecting writers.

Click to read about last Friday’s Litopia After Dark show and download the podcast

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