Friday, April 09, 2010

AppleWorld Keeps Spinning

Everything today appears to be Apple flavoured and devotees are certainly immersed in the glow of Appleworld.

While everyone in the UK waits to the 24th April to see their first iPad on the tube, coffee shop, or lounge bar, PCadvisor claims that they are already here and available. Their report claims that 2 resellers Purelygadgets and Simply Electronics, are not only listing the device on their websites but have iPads available to send out immediately. Purelygadgets is offering the 3 versions of the Wi-Fi iPad; 16GB, 32GB or 64GB capacities priced at £689.99, £785.99 and £869.99 respectively and Simply Electronics £545.95, £649.95 and £749.95 respectively.

So why wait? Why not be the first to be seen carrying one, or coolly reading something while all around stare? How many will be walking the London Book Fair aisle nonchalantly showing one? Will it be even more hip not to have one at the show?

The Appleworld machine doesn’t stop and they have now announced OS4. Not does the new operating system add 100 new features but it can finally do what others do today - multitask. It also heralds yet another model at the end of June 2010 during Apple's annual Worldwide Developer Conference. Unfortunately because of hardware demands, only the latest iPod Touch and iPhone GS smartphones will be able to offer multitasking capabilities. Never mind we can all do the annual upgrade and old models can be handed down to the less hip relatives.

The announced update also includes a mobile advertising platform ‘iAd’ that will be used to place adverts in applications made by third parties. iAd pitches Apple head to head with Google and its successful advertising model. As always Apple also want to make revenue sharing simple giving 60% to external developers, but significantly, they wish to change the paridim and have the adverts inside the apps. That way they don’t lift a finger and collect 40% of revenues – smart move.

Having lost out to Google on AdMob, Apple acquired Quattro Wireless mobile advertising network in January. This is key to iAd and they obviously have their sights set a lot higher than the $300 million they paid for Quattro. Of course Facebook and Twitter are also thinking advertising. They also force more to adopt HTML5.

Apple claim to have sold 450,000 iPads, 600,000 electronic books and 3.5m applications downloads for the iPad in the first 5 days. Impressive figures and a determination to convert all to Appleworld.

So we see ‘giant battles’ as the likes of Google and Apple square up to each other, Amazon tries to outmanoeuvre them and Adobe ploughs its own furrow but still hold many of the content keys. There is obviously always Microsoft but like the UK Liberal party don’t expect to see them win. Some may not survive the next decade.

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