Thursday, April 01, 2010

Pinch Yourself its April 1st!

It’s April 1st and time for silliness. Which are a April fool’s ‘free’ joke and is just that and which are serious?

Techcrunch reports that for two day only period, when you buy a Dell notebook or desktop, you get a Sony Reader Pocket Edition free. The ereader is Sony’s cheapest version and has no wireless connection and so you will need the Dell to connect. Its like buying a modem and getting the device free!

US Seton Hill University is to provide all first year undergraduate students at with a 13" free MacBook laptop and an iPad. The students will be able to use the devices for both classes as well as for personal use. After 2 years, Seton Hill will replace the laptop with a new one which the student can keep when they graduate!

A leading European toy and games reseller is to launch a free ebook programme. When you buy an ebook reader from their stores you get a free bindle of ebooks. The reader is yet another eink ‘lookie likie’ that claims all the usual features, but the epub files downloaded will not be DRM protected. This maybe great news for the users but they are DRM free because the devices don’t support any DRM such as Adobe’s ACS4. The result is the user can never buy their future books from many sources, may be restricted to public domain and vanity titles and of course pirates.

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