Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spotify Now Growing Premium Service

People keep asking why we support Spotify so much and what’s so special about it. The answer is simple if you recognise and believe that online is going to dominate the future and the streaming music is no different to streaming, film, TV and of course books. The other interesting aspect is the business model which challenges payment and replaces it with advertising and subscription but still offers payment!

The Swedish music streaming service has declared that it now has over 320,000 premium users and some 1,000 more joining their paying service every day. We get it bundled in free with our Andriod Hero phone which means we have it on all our devices. Premium users enjoy better quality and advert free music on and off line.

Spotify is now available in six European countries including the UK and has a further 7 million users who enjoy the vast catalogue for free with an advert every 30 mins.One interesting point reviewed by Spotify is that 30% of playlists are of whole albums, which is interesting given the recent Pink Floyd case and today’s obsession with individual tracks. lkb proving that not all web users are more interested in individual tracks rather than albums.

So were Spiral Frog failed others such as Spotify are succeeding and they are not only changing business models but also consumer habits. It certainly will be interesting when they land in the US.

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