Tuesday, March 09, 2010

eBook Reader for Tiny Tots

We rember well writing about the Fisher Price MP3 player for kids in November 2006. It looked nice probably quietly sold its quota but didn’t change the market. Today Fisher-Price, subsidiary of toy giant Mattel Inc., has announced its first e-reader that it has planned for this summer, is called the IXL and priced at $79.99.

So is it the toy for every young child who wants to play alongside Daddy and Mommy when they are on their iPad, Kindle or smartphone or is it just another toy? It has a touch screen for those jam covered fingers, has a colour display as children will never understand blacxk and white, is light and about the same size as those grown up toys. It’s even build to be maltreated and thrown around.The home screen even looks similar to that other big boy’s toy – the iPhone.

The device is designed for early readers between 3 to 6 ands offers a read aloud option which we are sure the Authors Guild will not object to! Words are aligned to animation offering and spelling help is built in so offering kids a learning experience

More stories, games and art studio app backgrounds can be downloaded through these CDs, at a cost of $24.99 each and it plays games, MP3s and offers a colouring book.

You have to hand it to Fisher Price this will appealto kids who want to be like mummy and daddy and mummy and daddy who want their kids to be like them. We wonder who will read the bedtime story the parents or the IXL?

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