Friday, March 26, 2010

Choosing Tablets

The Fusion Garage JOOJOO tablet is now shipping to U.S. customers who pre-ordered them.

But we have to ask why anyone would want a JooJoo when they can have an iPad?

The device has the largest capacitive touch screen of any tablet on the market and measures 12.1” in length - but does size matter?

It supports Flash 10.1 and is Java compliant - but the iconic Steve Jobs says the Flash world is dead and HTML5 is the future and who would argue with the man?
It comes equipped with a built-in, rechargeable lithium-polymer battery - so what?

The issue is simple and comes down to Appleworld and a relatively safe bet , versus the Internet and uncertainty? The truth lies somewhere in between and is down to whether we believe apps, or the web as we know it today, is the future. This is an interesting debate in its own right and will have many high profile supporters on both sides of the fence.

We personally believe that the sound-bite application world of the apps is good but does not provide the full answer today. Its like having a specific app to do one thing and needing another , then another to complete to process. Its not a joined up world. Today we have the emergence of the cloud world and also need joined up thinking and solutions. The debate on Flash and HTML5 is somewhat premature and is like saying that the world tomorrow will travel in faster planes whilst living in the reality of today. HTML5 may be the answer but today we have to recognise that unlike consultants and industry gurus we wake up in yesterday’s sheets. MP3 and DRM free dominate today’s music, not because of the Ipod, but despite of it. We have to accept the Apple has changed much ,but like its high profile Air laptop, sometimes Apple gets it wrong in getting it right.

We note today that report that Apple has already listed over 30,000 free ebooks on the iBook store. These aren’t the latest best sellers but public domain fillers from the Project Gutenberg library. Do they really count, or are they merely there to make up the claim that ‘my repository is bigger than yours’. Perhaps the move is designed to stop the iPad's ebook library from being overrun with multiple versions of public domain books wrapped up in a app package by 3rd parties after a quick and easy buck.

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