Sunday, January 24, 2010

Amazon Part 2: DRM Free

Amazon’s Digital Text Platform which I aimed at small publishers and authors, now gives publishers the choice to “not enable digital rights management.”

‘You may choose, on a per title basis, to have us apply DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology which is intended to inhibit unauthorized access to or copying of digital content files for titles. Once your title is published, this setting cannot be changed.’

It’s unclear what the changes mean to larger clients such as newspapers, magazines, or large publishers, who use a different system to publish to the Kindle. We also remember that Amazon were one of the first music resellers to move to MP3 and DRM free music.

However, the DTP move is likely to prove propular with small publishers and authors who may be less worried about the exposure to copying and more interested in increasing their exposure in the market.

Next Amazon Part 2: 70% Royalty

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