Friday, January 22, 2010

And Our Mobile Winner Is...

So in the week the world was Slated and Amazoned , we took the long overdue step of upgrading our mobile.

We choose Android and HTC Hero and were pleasantly surprised how good it was and the apps that were available. The real reason was we got free full access Skype included and for us that is important for those international daily calls to India, Australia etc. We also got Spotify premium for 24 months for free which whatever way you look at it is a good deal.

We didn’t find all the unusual apps we love on the iPhone but did find all the ones we would use such as Shazam, Scan2PDF, Last FM, etc and some we had missed such as beebplayer (online BBCTV and iplayer) and some great social connections into Twitter,and Linkedin etc. and the world of Google.

Android is a serious competitor to the iPhone.

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