Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Does The Kindle Touch Pass the So What Test?

Amazon is launching its Kindle touchscreen e-reader in the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy on 27th April but there is still no news on its Fire tablet.

The Kindle Touch will not be discounted with adverts and users will still not be able to lend ebooks as in the US. So for some £20 more you can touch but no lending, so is it worth it when the existing Kindle does the basics well and we all know Fire will arrive soon?

The touch device does have a new web browser, which works with wi-fi and lets users to find related passages in a book as well as more detailed information from Wikipedia and Shelfari. It also allows books to be read in both portrait and landscape mode.

So maybe it’s a buy for those who desperately need an ereader and can’t wait for Fire, haven’t heard of Barnes and Noble and its Nook, can’t work out what WHS is selling amongst the ‘stack ‘em high’ shelves, don’t believe Waterstones can or will effectively deliver digital and don’t want the often redundant luxury of the iPad.

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