Monday, January 09, 2012

Is eInk Sinking?

Apart from basic Amazon Kindles what other eink devices are selling today. It could be said that even the Kindle could soon be on Fire. The fact is that the ‘loookie likie’ devices that once littered the market are today being usurped by AMOLED smartphones and tablets. The best measure for this decline came today as E Ink Holdings Inc. shares slumped some 6.9% (the lowest close since July 1, 2009) on the news of the company’s December sales which had slid 84% from a year earlier!

Fourth quarter sales were only down 4% from the third quarter and overall annual sales were up 53% However, E Ink alarmingly reported that its December consolidated sales were down 55% from November and also down 57% from a year earlier...

Investors may see this as a temporary sales issue, but some will see eink has had its day as we know it today and is unlikely to bounce back and that far from a seasonal dip it could be a sudden decline. We have seen yet another supplier BeBook bite the dust and its hard to see any real action other than basic Kindles..

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