Saturday, December 06, 2008

So Which Browser Do You Use?

Having just experienced replacing our hard drive on the laptop we understand technology pain and frustration. We also understand the opportunity to declutter and delete those files and applications that just grow like fungus on your computer. So we went from having four browsers to two.

So it was interesting to hear that the browser wars are getting warmer with the news that Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) market share dropped under the 70% last month for the first time since Net Applications started monitoring market share. IE is now down 7.6% points in the last year.

Rival browsers from Mozilla, Apple and Google are benefiting with Mozilla's Firefox, next most popular with some 20%, Apple next with 7.1% and the new Chrome offer from Google slowly bring up the rear. The change appears to be the shift from corporate to home users who obviously prefer Firfefox and Safari and Net Applications state that Firefox and Safari usage climbs on weekends and after work hours.

Microsoft have said that it will launch IE8 in 2009, but as more users shift to the home market it could be continued bad news for the giant Microsoft.

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