Monday, December 01, 2008

The Future is Not Binary

As we sit here in India we are surrounded by diversity not just in culture, wealth, talent but also technology. India is the powerhouse of much of today’s technology in areas such as publishing and yet 3G services are not available and bandwidth often overstretched. As we develop the digital future we have to recognise that it isn’t just the product form that is changing it is in fact the total environment around it. If we were merely converting physical books into digital books life would be so simple and we could achieve this with relatively low effort, but we are not and that is why the journey is long and hard.

The future is not binary or black and white, it has many options and identifying the winners and losers is often close to impossible. We have to question some of the fundamental positions which have been the cornerstones of our business for so many years, think the unthinkable, find ways in which to move forward and prepare and understand change.

We aim to write a short series of brief articles looking at different aspects and perspectives not in order to prescribe the future but to question our position and readiness.

These will cover; the consumer, user and market; access to, delivery and distribution of stuff; the implications on creation and development.

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isabel said...

I want to know more about your series of articles,if is convenient for you, would you tell me how I can get it?