Thursday, September 04, 2008

So What Do You Want For Christmas?

So Septemberfest has begun with everyone in the UK expressing an opinion on the Sony reader, Kindles, ebooks. Waterstones claim thousands of pre orders for the device but the store has a dearth of content, only some 7,000 titles, and at it current price still looks a buy devoid of logic. Even with a projection of 20,000 titles by the end of the year looks a poor consumer proposition. The trade’s organ The Bookseller’s Graeme Neill called the ebook readers one dimensional and poor value.

Not to be undone Apple is being widely reported to unveil new iPod music players at a media event next Tuesday. Reporters have received an invitation to a September 9 event entitled "Let's Rock," with an image of a man jumping in the air while listening to an iPod, with the words "playing soon."

The nature of the market demands an iPod refresh and their iPod Touch now have a higher starting price $299 than its $199 iPhone, which does not make any sense and needs to be addressed. Analysts however expect Apple to refresh its MacBook notebook PCs soon but not on Tuesday.

What’s betting there will be even more ‘major’ digital announcements as everyone vies for the Christmas number one slot.

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