Sunday, September 14, 2008

Open All Hours

As we all look forward to the ‘always connected’ world we have a number of issues to address. One of the most frustrating ones occurs when your laptop runs out of juice. The network is still there, you are still there but there is no power and the battery has forced the machine into hibernation.

Hewlett-Packard, has now developed a new generation of laptops with a 24-hour battery life. Its new HP EliteBook 6930p can be configured to deliver "all-day computing". This extended life has been achieved with Intel solid-state hard drives (SSD) that deliver a 7% increased battery life and mercury-free LED displays, which boost battery time by up to 4 hours compared to traditional LCD displays. The new Intel SSD is also claimed to boosts overall performance by up to 57%, and data transfer rates by a factor of 6 over traditional hard drives.

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