Friday, October 16, 2009

So where Do Read An eBook?

So we think we have to compete with the usual suspects for leisure and entertainment time? However it is clear that people’s habits young and old are changing. When there was nothing on TV they may have picked up a book but now not only is there an explosion of channels, music and radio on demand but tv is no longer restricted to a schedule.

The UK’s media regulator Ofcom claim some 29% of UK adults on the internet now watch or download TV programmes or films on demand and the majority of the usage is via the highly successful catch-up services of traditional broadcasters such as BBC iPlayer.
They also claim digital TV takeup among UK adults now stands at 89%, 73% have access to the internet and 91% own a mobile phone.

It was interesting to compare these significant numbers with those disclosed at TOC Frankfurt by Lexcycle COO and founder Neelan Choksi who claimed that 32% of ebooks where read in bed and a further 27% whilst commuting. This clearly shows that reading could be being squeezed hard by our apparent continued love of the TV and growing connection to the internet.

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