Friday, October 02, 2009

HBO Cube: A Different Perspective

Sometimes you see something that makes you look differently at things and shows you what is possible in this new digital age. We have talked about the development of the Keitai novels in Japan, the work of multi media writers such as Kate Pullinger, the Photo news journalism of New York Times ‘Lens’ and much more.

Today we were alerted to HBO's Cube experiment by Bob Stein. The innovation is to present a film from four different angles that are under the control of the viewer. We found ourselves replying the films and looking at them from different angles and seeing the same story but from a different perspective. Its well worth a visit and is a fascinating initiative. It may not be the future but it certainly makes you think about it.

We often look at the same house through different windows and fail to realise that its the same house and merely a different window.

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