Thursday, August 07, 2008

WOWIO is Back!

Platinum Studios, Inc. who own an library of more than 5,600 comic book characters have globally relaunched the digital ebook distributor WOWIO. Wowio gives readers free access to a library of ebooks and now includes new features such as a free browser based viewing capability which allows readers around the world to view the ebooks on their computer and mobile device screens, ability to browse without registering, a simplified registration process allowing consumers to store, share and gift downloadable ebooks, and as you would expect on a free service the ability to download as many ebooks as wanted.

Prior to the relaunch, WOWIO had over 2 million downloads in just over a year.

WOWIO publishing partners include Rosetta Books, Arcturus Publishing, the UK-based publisher of the best-selling 3D Thriller series; Taylor & Francis Group, Soft Skull Press, Dakuwaka Productions, and Arcana Studios, Canada’s largest comic book publisher.

This new accessibility to an international audience positions WOWIO to become a leading global destination for ebook distribution.

The is probably the first serious free content at consumption paid by advertising model for books and although it has many issues to face it is following the steps being taken in the music business and challenging the current book trade business model. WOWIO's founding mission is to increase free access to books worldwide.

Interesting also they have now gone global which for any Internet service is logical and potentially builds not only traffic but brand. The key as always will be content.

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