Sunday, August 03, 2008

DIY instructions on Hacking the Kindle

OK you own a Kindle and want to know more well visit

The usual suspect are lined up; a Kindle blog and links to other blogs, Digital Text Platform hints and examples, HTML tags and support, and more stuff. All very interesting to someone I am sure but there lurking at the bottom of a menu was ‘Kindle Hacks’!

The link took us to instructions on how to break the root password. Apparently the pre shipped codename for the Kindle is claimed to be ‘Fiona’. They go on to documented shortcuts, features and easter eggs within the machine which included a picture viewer, keyboard shortcuts, global keys, reader keys, diagnostics, text input, a GPS location setting, audio controls, extended search commands and many private commands.

It is a sharp reminder that there are people who will break anything and that little is immune.

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