Sunday, August 03, 2008

Observations From the Sun

Sitting back reading paint, drink and generally unwinding over the last two weeks on in Majorca was bliss but it did bring home a few interesting thoughts. The second week was so relaxing I was clearly blogged out and not blogs were written.

One the book is the reader and although Sony believes that their ‘reader’ can assume the name it can’t. It was interesting to see people of all ages enjoying reading books and it begs the question whether on holiday the only time people read today? My wife devoured six books. However was put down as lacking merit and another (the Sebold was too gruesome to stomach). The stress books go through is plain for all to see – soggy bottoms, damp patches and sand in their cracks!

The really interesting observation was to see the apparent necessity of the family communicator – the laptop. Even in rustic fincas, up mountains and on the coast, all nationalities expected Wi Fi broadband access and had brought their laptops with them. Laptops were not exposed to the elements and were respected sensitive equipment and were being used in reception areas and rooms. The questions we would ask are whether the ebook reader as we know it today can honestly bridge the gap between the laptop and the mobile phone and why would any sane person want use expensive gadgetry by the pool or on the beach where most reading takes place?

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